Laser Game and Archery Tag in Ardèche, in the heart of the forest

In addition to the classic Paintball, Adventure Camp offers many other shooting and skill activities, starting from age 6.

Located in Grospierres, halfway between Vallon Pont d’Arc, Ruoms, and Les Vans, in Southern Ardèche, a few kilometers from Gard, the Adventure Camp park and its shaded 8-hectare forest is the perfect place to have fun with friends or family, featuring no less than 4 wooded fields reserved for these games.

Outdoor Laser Game, in a forest in southern Ardèche

  • Minimum age
    7 years
  • Price
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    about 30 minutes

Often played indoors, Adventure Camp invites you to play laser game in the heart of the forest, under the shade of its century-old trees.

With outdoor Laser Tag, there are no impacts or pain. There is no need to stock up on pellets and no mandatory protection. Just enjoy the game.
For 30 minutes, equipped with a laser tag (infrared launcher), you will fight your opponents and experience the sensations of Paintball without the disadvantages. Without danger or impact, and with a sound system that signals when you are hit or have made a hit, everything is designed for intense fun with a smile!!!


Outdoor Laser Game – 3×10 mn €16

Archery Battle, an unusual activity in Ardèche

  • Minimum age
    10 years
  • Price
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    30 minutes

Time for precise shooting! Between paintball and archery, like Robin Hood, to emerge victorious in this battle, you will need to sneak and aim accurately!

On a shaded field with numerous hiding spots, you will face the opposing team with the support of your teammates. Stay sheltered, and target your opponent!

With friends, family, colleagues, or for a bachelor/bachelorette party, try this original activity.


Archery Tag – 3×10 mn €16

Your questions,
our answers

Adventure Camp provides all technical equipment, namely the laser gun and helmet.

Unlike a classic archery class, Adventure Camp provides bows, soft arrows with foam tips, and a protective mask.

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather. Be sure to wear closed shoes, such as sneakers, as our fields are all in the forest.

For Archery Tag, we recommend a long-sleeved top to protect your forearms.
And of course, don’t forget your swimsuit to cool off in the river right after your activity, as well as a water bottle.

In Ardèche, it’s not just about canoeing ;) Coming to Adventure Camp means having the opportunity to do a multitude of outdoor activities for the whole family.

Tree climbing, giant zip lines, Paintball, Via Ferrata, and even Forest Escape Game! Plus, due to its idyllic location in South Ardèche, at the crossroads of Vallon Pont d’Arc, Ruoms, les Vans, but also close to our neighbors in Gard, Adventure Camp is lucky to be bordered by the Chassezac River and its beach.

So it’s an opportunity to pack your swimsuit, your best jelly shoes, your towel, and your umbrella.

Nestled in the heart of an 8-hectare forest, Adventure Camp welcomes you in the shade of its trees every day from April 1st to September 30th.

In case of very high temperatures, the forest becomes a veritable sanctuary and is conducive to Laser Game in the forest and Archery Tag.
And for more guarantee, we recommend joining us in the morning when we open or in the late afternoon to avoid the hottest hours.

Laser Game weapons are all electronic. So it is absolutely impossible to play in the rain.

However, we offer many alternatives in case of bad weather: Paintball for teenagers and adults, Gellyball for younger players, but also Tree Climbing, Escape Game, Via Ferrata,…

You need a minimum of two players to play either of these activities.

But don’t worry. If you’re alone and want to play, just contact us. We’ll integrate you into another group.
We always try to group children together.

At Adventure Camp, as accompanying adults, we simply ask you to stay within the park.

You can join your child and share the activity with them, or encourage them and perhaps take some souvenir photos.