Paintball in Ardèche

Paintball is an activity that combines skill and strategy.

Located in southern Ardèche, in the municipality of Grospierres, near Vallon Pont d’Arc and Les Vans, and only a few kilometers from Gard, Adventure Camp allows you to face off in the shade of its century-old trees.
Three fields are dedicated to this fun and sporty game.

Paintball, an activity to do in Ardèche from the age of 12

  • Minimum age
    12 years
  • Price
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    1 hour or 2 hours

Whether you’re with friends, colleagues, or family, Paintball is the perfect sport for fun and team cohesion.

After being equipped and receiving various practical safety information, you will set off to conquer our shaded fields. Be the fastest, hide, aim well, and surprise the opposing team!

You just have to choose between the 200-bullet package (about 1 hour) and the 500-bullet package (about 2 hours).


Package 200 balls €22
Package 300 balls €26
Package 500 balls €38
100 balls refill €8
Group rate from 10 people

Gellyball: children’s paintball from 6 years old in Ardèche

  • Minimum age
    6 years
  • Price
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    30 minutes

Come and discover this brand new action and precision game, specially designed for children from the age of 6, but also for their parents ;)

Without stains or pain, Gellyball is the perfect alternative to paintball, accessible to everyone thanks to its innovative concept of small, painless, water-gel balls and lightweight, easy-to-handle weapons.

This unusual activity is ideal for families or birthdays!


Gellyball – 3×10 mn €16

Your questions,
our answers

In paintball, two teams face off on a field.

The objective is to retrieve the flag located in the middle of the field without getting hit.
To defend yourself, you must shoot members of the opposing team.

If you manage to hit an opponent, they are marked with paint and must leave the playing area. If you successfully return the flag to your zone, you score a point.

Adventure Camp provides all the technical and safety equipment, including the protective suit against stains, chest protector, mask, as well as weapons and paintballs, depending on the chosen package.

Gellyball is a game played with a lightweight gun, small gel water balls, and a protective visor, all provided by Adventure Camp.

For paintball, the most important thing is to wear comfortable clothing.

After that, whether you choose long or short clothes is up to you! While long clothes offer a slight extra layer to cushion the impact of the balls (recommended for those who are more sensitive, in teenage and adult paintball), short clothes are often more suitable for the weather: Ardèche = sun, warmth…

In any case, be sure to wear closed-toe shoes like sneakers. It’s absolutely MANDATORY!
And of course, don’t forget your water bottle.

At Adventure Camp, Paintball can be played from the age of 6 thanks to Gellyball.

From the age of 12, players can switch to the standard teenage/adult formula. In any case, we always try to create homogeneous groups for a better gaming experience.

Ardèche and Gard are synonymous with vacations, sun, and heat.

That’s probably one of the reasons you’re here ;) It’s true that it’s delightfully warm in the south of France in the summer. Fortunately for you, our park is located in the heart of a very wooded 8-hectare forest, shaded and bordered by the river.

So don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and dive into the Chassezac River as soon as you finish your activity. There’s nothing like it to clear your mind.

If you’re alone and want to play paintball or Gellyball, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone.

We will integrate you into an existing group.

In Ardèche as well as in Gard, there’s more to do than just canoeing.

With its amusement park nestled in the heart of the forest, ideally located in southern Ardèche at the crossroads of Vallon Pont d’Arc, Ruoms, and Les Vans, Adventure Camp offers a multitude of activities.

And there’s something for everyone!
Forest Escape Game, Via Ferrata, giant zip lines, other shooting and skill games like outdoor Laser Game or Archery Tag, and finally, the play area “Le Bois des Jeux” dedicated to children aged 2 to 8.

And let’s not forget the beach for a refreshing swim in one of the most beautiful rivers in Ardèche.