Tree Climbing in Ardèche, in Grospierres, near Vallon Pont d’Arc

Located in the municipality of Grospierres in southern Ardèche, just a few kilometers from Vallon Pont d’Arc and Les Vans but also from Gard, come and spend a day in the heart of the forest.

On the agenda, an adventure park with tree-climbing courses for everyone, from the curious to the most athletic, with giant zip lines, monkey bridges, footbridges, and a remarkable Tarzan jump, all bordered by the river and its beach.

17 courses + Via Ferrata

* Course times are indicative

Tree Climbing from 4 years old, with the yellow subscription!

  • Minimum age
    4/7 years
  • Price
  • Availability
    Without reservation
  • Difficulty
  • Duration

At Adventure Camp, in Grospierres, tree climbing is practiced from the age of 4. Indeed, the yellow formula has been specially designed for children between 4 and 7 years old.

This is an opportunity for them to discover the first sensations of balance, by evolving at their own pace on the 7 adventure courses dedicated to them.

Thanks to a system of continuous lifeline, both maneuverable, ingenious and above all 100% secure, children can move from tree to tree, playing acrobats on logs, slipping through tunnels, or sliding on zip lines.

For parents who wish, a “accompanying parent” mini-formula allows you to climb on courses 5, 6, and 7, for only €10 more!

Tree climbing is also for older children, from 8 to 11 years old, with the blue formula!

  • Minimum age
    8/11 years
  • Price
  • Availability
    Without reservation
  • Difficulty
  • Duration

At Adventure Camp, children from 8 to 11 years old are not left out.

If the first 7 tree-climbing courses are common with younger children, from course 8 onwards, accompanied or not by an adult, they climb even higher until they end in apotheosis, by launching themselves on the largest zip line in southern Ardèche and Gard, overlooking the Chassezac river.

An exhilarating experience, for memories that will last a lifetime.

Tree climbing, thrilling activity in Ardèche for ages 12 and up with the red formula!

  • Minimum age
    12 years +
  • Price
  • Availability
    Without reservation
  • Difficulty
  • Duration

Having the advantage of being very progressive in height and difficulty for the less adventurous, the red formula will allow you, if you wish, to push yourself to the limit.

Indeed, all adventure courses are accessible to you, including the iconic Tarzan jump, the dizzying Treetop course reaching over 30 meters in height, our black course, or the 2 giant zip lines overlooking the river.

Your questions,
our answers

At Adventure Camp, pricing is very straightforward as it is based on age.

  • Child aged 4/7 (Yellow course): €15
  • Accompanying parent (courses 5, 6, and 7 only): €10
  • Child aged 8/11 (Blue course): €18
  • Teens and adults aged 12 and over (Red course): €23
  • Via Ferrata + Tree climbing 12 years and over: €30

With no less than 17 tree climbing courses and a Via Ferrata course, Adventure Camp, located in the municipality of Grospierres, offers you hours of activities, unlimited!

Indeed, you can enjoy the adventure courses as many times as you like, from opening to closing time. Feel free to take your time and alternate between climbing and relaxing moments on our beach or picnic areas.

To practice tree climbing in southern Ardèche, there is no need for specific attire. Dress comfortably, with clothing suitable for the weather.

Bring closed-toe shoes, such as sneakers, and something to tie back long hair, along with a water bottle that you can leave in the lockers.

Looking for an activity for young children in Ardèche?

At Adventure Camp, tree climbing is available from the age of 4, under the attentive eye of parents. Equipped with a harness with continuous lifeline carabiners, children progress at their own pace, having fun safely.

All our tree climbing courses are entirely built with a continuous lifeline system to ensure absolute safety. Once the course has started, it is not possible to unhook.

Therefore, you move through the trees safely.

And it’s even more reassuring to let your children climb. After being equipped, you will receive all the safety instructions through a video briefing before going on the test course, under the watchful eye of the monitors.

No worries! If as an accompanying adult of children, you do not wish to climb, you are not obliged to do so.

At Adventure Camp, the only thing asked of you is to follow the children from the ground to ensure their progress. And if needed, one of our monitors will quickly intervene to help your child.

However, if you wish, many courses can be discovered together. Indeed, starting from adventure course number 5, teens and adults can climb with younger children.
So, there are 3 courses to discover with 4/7-year-olds, and 8 courses with 8/11-year-olds to have a beautiful and enjoyable family time.

Our tree climbing courses are very progressive, both in difficulty and height. Moreover, all our adventure courses are independent of each other. So, you are not obliged to do the entire formula you have chosen.

Thus, as a beginner, you are free to go all the way or to restart the first courses as many times as you like.

Adventure Camp, located near Vallon Pont d’Arc, is a real leisure park in Ardèche, with many activities on offer:

Plenty to keep both kids and adults entertained for hours!

And why not take advantage of our beach by the Chassezac River to relax and cool off, for a picnic break, snack, or at the end of the day. Slip a swimsuit into the bottom of your bag, and you’re good to go!

Only individuals participating in an activity within our leisure park must pay an entrance fee. If you just want to accompany your family, children, or friends to watch them have fun, take photos, encourage them, etc.,

Then you are our guest ;)

Adventure Camp is open every day from April 1st to September 30th, without exception, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Opening hours are even extended in July and August, with the park open from 9 am to 8 pm. So, you can come and have fun with us during All Saints’ holidays, spring break, or even on weekends.

1) Tree climbing at Adventure Camp or Indy Parc
2) Via Ferrata
3) Le Bois des Musiciens
4) Canoeing down the Ardèche or Chassezac rivers
5) Forest Escape Game
6) Paintball
7) Caves
8) Animal park
9) Hiking