Adventure Camp, the place for all children’s activities in Ardèche

Are you a teacher looking for the perfect place to celebrate the end of the school year with your students? As an animator, are you organizing an outing with the children from your colony or leisure center?

Then welcome to Adventure Camp!

Adventure Camp, forest leisure park

Choosing Adventure Camp for your school and leisure center means choosing a company specialized in welcoming groups of children, made up of a team of leisure and sports professionals.

Choosing Adventure Camp also means choosing a highly shaded location (8 hectares of forest), bordered by the Chassezac river with a beach, numerous picnic areas, a sanitary block dating from 2021, as well as lockers for groups, a coach parking lot, and, of course, activities suitable for everyone and secured.

Activities for Children’s Groups in Southern Ardèche

Located in the municipality of Grospierres, at the crossroads of Vallon Pont d’Arc, Ruoms, and Les Vans, and just a few kilometers from Gard, Adventure Camp offers numerous activities specially designed for children’s groups, whether for a school outing such as a green class, or for an activity for a vacation camp or a leisure center.


Activities Prices per child
Bois des Jeux – From 2 years old 7 €
Tree Climbing 4/7 years old 15 €
Tree Climbing 8/11 years old 17 €
Tree Climbing 12 years + 21 €
Via Ferrata + Tree Climbing 29 €
Gellyball 15 €
Archery Tag 15 €
Laser Game 15 €
Paintball 200 balls 20 €
Escape Game « Pacifix » (from 7 years old) 60 € the game
6 people maximum per game
Escape Game « The School of Sorcerers » (from 8 years old) 60 € the game
6 people maximum per game
Escape Game « The Secret of the Templars » (from 12 years old) 60 € the game
6 people maximum per game

Your questions,
our answers

Ardèche is a true natural playground.
The activities offered at Adventure Camp all meet psychomotor and emotional objectives sought within the framework of school education.

For example, in tree climbing, children must handle a carabiner, a hook, and a pulley. They will thus work on their fine motor skills, the same ones they work on throughout the year, while drawing, writing, cutting, etc. By moving on cables and logs, they work on balance and coordination. On the ground, they will have to navigate towards the chosen course and therefore orient themselves on a map, and then in space.

Psychomotor objectives should not overshadow emotional objectives such as self-confidence, mutual aid, respect for other adventurers, equipment, and the forest.

For all activities offered at Adventure Camp, no specific attire is required.
Children should wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather, closed-toe shoes like sneakers, and something to tie back long hair, not forgetting a large water bottle, which can be stored in the lockers. It is advisable to avoid dresses and skirts.

Since our park is not equipped with drinking water, we advise you as a supervisor to bring extra bottles or jerry cans of water to supplement the individual water bottles.

Tree climbing can be practiced from the age of 4, under the watchful eye of supervising adults.

However, subject to a minimum height of 1 meter, 3-year-old children, as part of a school outing or a visit with the leisure center, can also try it out. Equipped with a harness with continuous lifeline carabiners, children progress at their own pace, in complete safety, while having fun!

There are 4 formulas that respect the age and size of the novice climbers.

Adventure Camp offers two distinct scenarios. The first, entitled “The School of Wizards,” is loosely inspired by Harry Potter.
Children can play from the age of 8/10, supervised by an adult.

From the age of 14, teenagers can try their hand at “The Templar’s Secret“, for a dive into the dark hours of the Middle Ages and religious wars.

No worries! If as an adult chaperone of children, you do not wish to participate in the activity, you are not required to do so.

At Adventure Camp, the only thing asked of you is to supervise the children from the ground, to ensure their progress or the smooth running of the game. And if needed, one of our monitors will intervene quickly to help children in difficulty.

Absolutely. Adventure Camp is located a few hundred meters from the Domaine de Bournet where there is a parking lot reserved for bus.

You will then need to allow about fifteen minutes of walking on a very quiet path to reach our park.

We have numerous shaded picnic areas. So, you can bring your picnic to spend a large part of the day with us.

Moreover, we sell a selection of ice creams and chocolate bars at the reception, as well as drinks. However, we do not have a snack bar.
Additionally, our park is not connected to the drinking water system. Therefore, we recommend that you bring extra jerry cans or bottles of water to supplement the individual water bottles for your students/children.

Although Ardèche enjoys a very mild climate, rain can sometimes play spoilsport. In these cases, we invite you to contact us before your visit to anticipate a possible free rescheduling date for your school or leisure center.

For more information on our group activities, rates, or a quote request, please consult the Schools brochure or the Leisure Centers brochure.